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Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro is the one and only Cake Boss™. The 37 year old Italian decedent is a fourth generation baker having been inspired by his father Buddy Sr. Mixing eggs, sugar, butter and flour is all in a day’s work for Buddy running the family bakery, Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey.

Icing Bonds this Family Together

Buddy Sr. is the original Cake Boss, he started his career due to his father & grandfather’s handing down of skills from father to son, originally from Sicily they bought Carlo’s Bakery from Carlo Guastaffero in 1963 and 25 years later moved to where they are now, Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. Buddy Sr.’s dream was to make Carlo’s a household name and where better place to do it than the U.S of A!

Buddy and his 4 older sisters were then raised in Little Ferry, New Jersey. Buddy was at the young age of eleven when he started to work at the family bakery where his father handed down unto him the vast knowledge & experience he had about baking, alongside a great business mind and attitude to win.

The Start of a New Era

Buddy flourished in the bakery and loved every second he worked there. He knew he had to help his father’s dream of making the bakery a household name come true. Sadly, when Buddy was 17 his father passed away, this hurt Buddy deep down but it also gave him the strength to carry on and push even harder than ever before due to his father’s memory. This wasn’t easy due to the fact that Buddy knew he had some big shoes to fill.

Sweet Dreams

When Buddy’s father died, he didn’t just lose his father, he lost his best friend and greatest source of inspiration, even some of the family techniques died along with him. After dreaming of his father one night, Buddy had renewed confidence in himself & found himself able to master the so called ‘forgotten’ techniques of his ancestors. Buddy knew he could do anything with his father in mind.

Finding his Calling

Buddy knew to make it big he had to do something a little different to the point of plain weird! “I wanted to be creative and I thought if I can make cakes that don’t look like normal cakes, but taste the way my dad’s cakes tasted, then I might be onto something.” With this mantra in mind he set out to do extravagant jobs like an edible full size NASCAR racing car which took 24,000 cakes and weighed over 4.5 metric tonnes! Becoming a specialist of designer cakes he gained celebrity contacts like Oprah and became a celebrity himself.

Being the Cake Boss

Carlo’s Bakery already had a reputation for creating larger than life wedding cakes and was therefore a focal point in bridal magazines, because of this publicity Buddy was invited to take part on Food Network Challenge in 2004. Buddy took part in 4 Food Network Challenge competitions of which he lost three but on the fourth he was awarded top prize in “Battle of the Brides”

The few times Buddy was on television clearly had an effect on television producers at TLC as when Buddy pitched an idea of a show featuring Carlo’s Bakery as they all go about their daily business TLC agreed to shoot a pilot. They instantly loved the show and ordered 12 more episodes; Cake Boss is now a featured slot and is in its 7th season.

Keeping it in the Family

Buddy Sr. was a keen philanthropist and cared for the local community, every year he’d donate Zeppoles to St. Joseph’s Church in Jersey City and baked St. Anthony’s Loaves for the St. Francis Church in Hoboken. Buddy has not only kept this philanthropic tradition alive to this day but taken it to the next level as he’s a token board member of the Make-a-Wish Foundation and was presented with the organisations Celeb of the Year 2011. He also founded his own non-profit charity “Momma Mary Foundation” in order to give to those suffering from ALS, a form of motor neuron disease.

No Limit on Success

Tourist have always flocked in the direction of Carlo’s Bakery but it hasn’t always been popular around the world, before then it was still well known locally as it would have a queue out the door! Ernst & Young made Buddy Humanitarian of the Year due to his dedication to the business and the public. To put how successful the business is into context each week it makes around 60 wedding cakes & 500 birthday cakes!

Buddy and his family now have fans all over the world demonstrated by successful product promotions over and over. In December 2010 TLC launched a spin-off series called Next Great Baker which is now going into its 4th season, this show is where Buddy challenged bakers to compete for the opportunity to work with the Valastro family at Carlo’s bakery. If 2 shows wasn’t enough Buddy also has a series, Bakery Boss, which began in December 2013 where he offers assistance to struggling family bakeries across the USA.

Buddy has started to make a library of books for his adoring fans to buy. The first one being “Cake Boss, Stories & Recipes from Mia Famiglia” but he’s added to this with a long list:

  • Baking with the Boss: 100 of Buddy’s best Recipes and Decorating Secrets
  • Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss
  • The Essential Cake Boss: Recipes & Techniques You Absolutely Have to Know to Bake Like the Boss
  • Family Celebrations with the Cake Boss: Recipes for Get-Togethers Throughout the Year

These book releases have been on lists such as New York Times best-sellers. Buddy has never been one to shy away from sharing his best recipes with his fans, proven by the tour he does, Family Celebrations. This gives fans the chance to see what Carlo’s Bakery is like without going. Buddy has fulfilled one of his father’s dreams of shipping their products all around the country; he did this by building a 50,000 sq. ft. baking facility in Jersey City.

Buddy’s success seems to know no bounds! In January 2013 TLC along with Buddy opened up Cake Boss Café in thriving Times Square, New York which broadened the range of Carlo’s Bakery to NYC directly. TLC have had a major hand in what Cake Boss products are now on the market, everything from fondant to icing all the way to cake pans & decorating tools made by Meyer Group, this gives everyone the chance to try it out and find the passion Buddy used to build his career on.